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I am always on the look out for new opportunities to make money from my blog. I am also now blogging full time and I am trying to convert to a full time income.

At the start of this year I announced that I was aiming that at the end of the year I would reach 1 MILLION page views (per month). This goal is slowly taking off and I have been doing a ton of ground work.

Right now as far as income from my blog goes I have converted to AdThrive and they are working well managing my ad networks. I also use lots of Amazon affiliate links and have a range of ebooks that I sell. Unfortunately I have difficulty getting sponsored posts because I am not in the US, so I do not even go looking for these.

extra income for bloggers

I have recently found an extra income opportunity for my blog that benefits me and my readers.

It is essential oils.
Wait, before you click x because you have no interest, read a bit more.

I am a skeptic, a huge skeptic. I have been burned in the past by these multi-level marketing things. So much so that it has left a very unpleasant taste in my mouth just thinking about it. It took me months to try this opportunity out after seeing the success that many of my blogging friends were having.

Although learning activities for kids is the main focus of my blog I also have a passion for natural living, food, and healthy tips and tricks. These are just some of the areas that the essentials oils could be applied to. I could help my readers, Mom’s who need to relax after a long day, Moms who need a non chemical cleaner because their kids lick the floors. Yes, I could help and yes as selfish as it seems I make money from helping.

As bloggers we have a unique situation. We are already in marketing, we are already in social media, we already have the platform to do this business. Asking friends and family to sign up is totally up to you and not a requirement. (I personally don’t because of that previous experience) We as bloggers have the entire online world to show.

The product (essential oils) are top quality and the real deal, I have no issue referring them because of this. (You will see all about the product on my sign up page, BUT I want to talk about the business side of things)

Common questions I get asked:

How much does it cost?

A quick break down. You will purchase your starter kit for $150. This gets you a diffuser (totally awesome) the everyday oils pack and a ton of free educational items to learn about your new oils. Basically $300 worth of stuff.

It costs you $150 to get started. This excludes the postage which varies to wherever you are living.

What is the monthly minimum?

There is NO monthly minimum. Although as a business we recommend you do orders monthly to experience the product yourself and take advantage of the rewards program. But no, there is no monthly minimum to pay. (There is however a need to purchase $50 worth of items to keep the account active once a year)

How does it work?

I am a blogger, I don’t cold call and I don’t phone people unless I really really have to. I like the freedom the online word gives me. Promote your items through recipes and USE of the items and blogging about your experience. Pin it. Share it on your fb page, tweet it. BE GENUINE.

Host a facebook event to teach people about the oils. The best way to learn is to teach! and don’t worry about not knowing anything about the oils as you will learn as you prep for the class. A few blogging friends have had success with fb ads as well.

Why should I join?

I will be honest. If you are asking me to convince you to join up then don’t. I need people who are going to work with me. We are a TEAM. If you see that this opportunity might be something for you lets do it!

But I don’t want to have parties!

I don’t either!! I am not a social person. I hate those parties in the house where everyone sits there and then are expected to buy something at the end. Spotlight on me? no thanks. Expected to buy? no thanks.

That being said, if you want to at anytime there are some great ideas for doing these parties the right way. Our team even has an entire ebook full of “make and take” recipes just for these events.

Totally up to you.

Multi-level marketing, I have heard things.. bad things…

I love how the team I am apart of is supportive of each other. I love that I am not alone. I also love that the team leaders are dedicated to answering questions, doing educational courses and generally giving us everything we could possibly want to make this THE business that brings us in the money and the sign ups. This is what multi-level marketing is about. HELPING each other!! NOT here is your stuff, bye.

Done right a MLM works fantastic and I have a feeling that certain unethical people have soured the crop so to say. Support makes the world of difference.

Does this look like something you would like to do?

Come over and check out the product page on my blog where you are able to sign up with me. Once you order your starter kit drop me an email on the address is at the bottom of that post, tell me you came from blog planner! I look forward to hearing from you and getting you started in my team!


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